Thursday, July 14, 2005

PlameGate Nuggets

This story is greating a lot of attention and I just wanted to toss some neat links in this post.

Wikipedia has a comprehensive entry covering the story, including pictures (of Valerie) and excellent references.

If you don't have much time but want a gist of the situation, David Korn's post is a good one.

Just in case you don't know much about Rove (aka, Turd Blossom), this is a good refresher. And if this fascinates you, check out his "mug" shots!

Then for fun, there's this hilarious memo to support Karl Rove!

I'll keep updating this entry with any other interesting nuggets I find on PlameGate.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Criminals and Certified Village Idiots

Well a lot of things have happened in the last week - we have finally validated our educated itch that Karl Rove was the informant who revealed Valerie Plame and that we have a certified idiot, in the form of Rick Santorum, in the Senate.

I am aghast at Santorum's insanity ... just look at this article from Washington Post. And then I thoroughly enjoyed Hillary Clinton's joust with him in the Capitol alleys. This is political satire at its best!

Now about the honorable Mr. Rove, I am amazed how brazen the administration is in keeping him around and maintaining a petulant silence. If they are worth any grain of salt, he should be fired and then indicted on federal conspiracy and treason. I would hope some independent, stalwart news organization, like Washington Post, would run a simple top-page corner column on their newspaper with a countdown (in days) and a title "Treacherer still in White House - 3 days" ... and keep updating the column with the latest updates. This would help expedite the process and draw national attention.