Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Criminals and Certified Village Idiots

Well a lot of things have happened in the last week - we have finally validated our educated itch that Karl Rove was the informant who revealed Valerie Plame and that we have a certified idiot, in the form of Rick Santorum, in the Senate.

I am aghast at Santorum's insanity ... just look at this article from Washington Post. And then I thoroughly enjoyed Hillary Clinton's joust with him in the Capitol alleys. This is political satire at its best!

Now about the honorable Mr. Rove, I am amazed how brazen the administration is in keeping him around and maintaining a petulant silence. If they are worth any grain of salt, he should be fired and then indicted on federal conspiracy and treason. I would hope some independent, stalwart news organization, like Washington Post, would run a simple top-page corner column on their newspaper with a countdown (in days) and a title "Treacherer still in White House - 3 days" ... and keep updating the column with the latest updates. This would help expedite the process and draw national attention.


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