Thursday, October 14, 2004

Obama Where Art Thou?

Was reading news about Barack Obama - how he has fueled hope in Illinois. People from all walks of life - progressives, liberals, conservatives, Bible thumpers, rich, poor, urban, rural - are simply spellbound by his soul stirring vision.

I remember watching him for the first time as he delivered the keynote during the Democratic Convention. My eyes were teary, my soul tingled and I knew immediately - this man is special, I am witnessing history. If you haven't seen it - you can always replay it. The most stunning phrase (among the many) was "the audacity of hope" - how sublime and inspirational.

Compare this to the lunacy unveiled by Zeil Miller as the keynote during the GOP Convention. Shows a stark contrast of what's at stake on Nov 2nd, 2004. Undecided voters, if this comparison doesn't help you - nothing will! These are keynotes - they are supposed to represent the core beliefs of the two parties, the two campaigns.

Obama definitely has his senatorial race wrapped up. There's no way, Keyes will even make a dent. Keyes is a scary, evangelical mutation - he makes Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanan look like a bunch of altar boys at a steamy orgy.

Obama, since you have virtually sealed your position as the 5th African-American senator in US history, could you please campaign along with Kerry at key battle ground states and ensure that the critical electoral colleges are colored blue? We need change, we need to bring back trust, regain our confidence, restore our pride and revive our dreams. We need your help - help to re-ignite the weary and dying beacon of hope shining on the Star Spangled Banner.

Thank you Obama!


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