Friday, October 15, 2004

Robin Williams on Tonight Show

It is always a blast to see Robin Williams - he was on the Tonight Show yesterday. He just takes over the segment; Jay can only sit back and join the audience. Some of the notable Robinisms were (paraphrasing them):
  • Of late, Bush has been drawing comparisons to Churchill as a wartime leader ... it's like comparing Carrot Top to Mark Twain!
  • Bush talks about being a compassionate conservative. What does this term mean ... does such a thing really exist? It's like having a Volvo with a gun rack!
  • Glad they didn't talk too much about Vietnam during the debates. Yeah ... Bush was in the same National Guard unit as Big Foot. Can't recall anyone really seeing them.

With 2 minutes remaining, Jay asked Robin about Chris Reeve (they were very close and roomed together in the early days). Robin shared some humorous anecdotes, but at the end he said, "I am glad that he is flying again ... that he has left that body which had held him captive" ... and then Robin just choked and teared up. Jay had to jump in to close the segment. You could just feel Robin's tragic loss of a close friend.

On a lighter note, one of my all time favorite Robin performance was when he visited the "Inside the Actor's Studio" and James Lipton. They have a 2+ hour tape of the session - be prepared to have sore and achy ribs.


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