Thursday, October 14, 2004

3rd Debate Meanderings!

Don't know which embarrasses me more - that we have a toilet paper named Bush who leads this country or that there are nearly ~45% mindless followers (most likely, Fox News aficionados) willing to follow the paper down the drain?

Watch the debate in mute, it looks like a SNL parody - where a heckler usurped the podium and is making uneasy faces and gestures with a well-poised, gentlemanly Kerry. And when you turn up the volume, the difference gets clearer - Kerry has a much better message.

Think about the leaders in the world - they probably share the same viewpoint and would obviously not want to collaborate with Bush. He made a comment last night about "not being very comfortable with English" ... effective use of the language is so, so crucial for negotiations. Yes, Americans can tend to forgive this shortcoming but foreign leaders won't subscribe to this sentiment. Bush will NEVER be able to foster REAL alliances.

I was just watching the morning news and saw McCain and Bush on a train. I held McCain in high esteem for a while ... but seeing him start licking Dubya's "Hershey Way" is just pathetic. Have some mettle, have some conviction ... have something which doesn't make you squirm in your personal moments. Don't let your political aspirations and ambition toss all that into thin air.

On that same vein, I get disappointed everytime Kerry refers to him as a friend - Kerry probably does it to reach out to the moderate Republicans (who are usually McCain backers). Kerry, I understand you like McCain (you still drag around the Vietnam-umbilical cord which you think still ties you both) ... but see the reality - it's nipped at the other end. Stop touting his name, especially when it's usually thwarted by McCain publicly. It's simple ... when you embrace someone without integrity, you also don't have integrity. McCain has no integrity.


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